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In-House Contracts

Working in both Client Services and New Business roles for;

  • Ford (UK)

  • Coca-Cola (Global)

  • Nestle (UK)

  • L’Oreal (UK and Global)

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SME’s and Start-Ups

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New Forest Escapes is a luxury holiday lets company that acts as the middleman between guests and hosts. When we started working with them we were a three-person, kitchen-table team with six properties and three key challenges. 1) To make more commission on their existing properties 2) to expand the luxury property portfolio and 3) to grow their higher-spend customer base. By taking the time to fully understand what their hosts valued most, and where their pain points with the industry at large were, we were able to evolve NFE’s offering in a way that made their operations more efficient, made their existing hosts happier and drove up their commission by an average of 8%. That result was amplified through positive word-of-mouth amongst hosts and a targeted acquisition marketing strategy which delivered an approximate 166% growth in their portfolio over six months. The joint challenge was now filling those new homes. By delivering a complete re-brand, a new suite of communications assets with a revised TOV and a more client & host friendly website, we were able to drive up traffic. A decisive new hire on the client management team meant that we were able to deliver consistently high leads conversion and repeat customers. Both the team and the business have continued to grow which has been brilliant to see in detail at our bi-annual strategy reviews.

“Little Upstart’s help was by far, the best and most important spend of my business so far. Right from the get go I liked Emma’s energy, get-done attitude and business-appropriate creativity. We had grown too quickly and needed an urgent rebrand and relook at our core business offering. She came in and turned us into a professional organisation. In every facet of our client and owner contact, she upped our game.

We wouldn't be where we are today without her. When she finished, we'd grown our numbers and developed into a strong team, with extra and appropriate support for our cashflow level. We went from 6 - 16 houses in 6 months. Increasing our turnover by 100% and our client money from £200k to £500k. We still use her guidance, tools and systems every day, and every single thing that she advised us to do is still on our growth plan."



No.17 Flowers came to Little Upstart needing to grow their reach. They were a small florists with a good local reputation but they wanted to widen their customer base and find a way to ensure more reliable business. We built them their client facing website and advised on driving traffic through social media, PR and content marketing. At the same time we looked at their most profitable products and devised a way to control demand and interest so they were better able to financially plan for the year ahead. This has allowed them to grow and re-invest into their business expanding their workspace and team.

“Little Upstart were superb. We were novices and nothing was too much trouble; Emma gave us a very personal service and a clear structure which allowed us to cherry pick from a list of options.
Her advice, guidance, knowledge and support was invaluable from the outset and we now have a website we are very proud of which is professional, easy to use and pretty to look at - exactly what we envisaged. It was a pleasure working with Emma and we would have no hesitation in recommending her."

No.17 Flowers have recently been featured in The Telegraph for their success. Read their section of the article here.

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EVO are a socially conscious investment fund for the everyday man and woman, made affordable through the use of Blockchain enabled tokenisation and automation. The team behind EVO were extremely tech focused and needed to go from a white-paper to a post-concept product worthy of seed funding. Little Upstart were asked to make their product look, sound and feel appealing to investors and clients with various levels of technological awareness. It needed simplifying and a more benefit-led story to drive early-stage interest and engagement. We named and branded EVO and produced their pitch deck, landing site and investment presentations which we co-presented - securing their first investor.

“We had a complex FinTech product that we needed to explain to both educated investors and the everyday man and woman on the street. Emma came in and was able to simplify how we explained ourselves without diluting the offering. She took us from a white paper to a company we can proudly present to investors. Emma felt like one of the team the whole way through and my mother finally understands what I do!”



Smoke & Oakum are a London based theatre production company that needed an own-able channel with which to drive ticket sales, increase awareness of shows, support their grant applications and attract talent and partners. Little Upstart built their site four years ago and continues to create treatment decks, marketing materials and touring packs for all of their shows. The company has grown in every way possible, attracting funding, talent and nationally sold out shows whilst supporting their partner charities along the way.

“Working with Little Upstart has completely changed the way we present ourselves as a company. Emma's attention to detail and understanding of what draws people to engage with our particular product was incredible, as was her willingness to listen to what we wanted our brand to say. Since then our website has gone from a basic introduction page to one of the strongest parts of our brand, whether we're looking to increase ticket sales or attract potential investors, it presents a professional and dynamic face of the company that has, simply put, moved us into another league. We couldn't recommend Emma highly enough." 

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Hawker were a concept-stage restaurant chain about to open the doors to their first restaurant. They needed support with brand experience and communications as well as general advice on setting up a first business and someone to bounce ideas off.

"Quitting your job and starting your own business for the first time is daunting, challenging and at times a very lonely endeavour.  Emma was invaluable to me in the early days, plugging the gaps in knowledge and experience required to get a business off the ground.  Friendly, personal and always professional, I could not recommend her enough to any new or future entrepreneur."